Temptonik Manifesto

In this article we will briefly explain what Temptonik is, why was it created and why is it worthwhile to give it a try.

Temptonik is a webservice that ranks your singing. It plays backing music and scrolls musical score while recording your voice. A small dot indicates in real time whether you sing the right notes. If you wish to practise offline, you can download either the recording or the sheet music.

Yes, we created Temptonik, despite few similar programs being out there and doing well. After some testing, we were grossly unsatisfied with all of the competing solutions. Each of those tried to overcompensate sloppy voice ranking by colorful visualizations, thus providing the Users with Guitar-Hero-kind of entertainment. Even large companies, with multi-million revenues, did not take the trouble to create a reasonable voice ranking engine.

Temptonik is a result of long-standing research on digistal signal processing. Our algorithm, which was invented and implemented by Polish engineers, currently seems to be the leading solution in its field. It is not just a Fourier transform; it is an immense amount of knowledge at your service, brought to you with the power of Adobe Crossbridge.

Practicing with Temptonik is not a waste of time. By singing the notes you gain (or improve) the ability to read the musical score. Piano-roll representation, common in competing solutions, gives you no such chance.

Temptonik offers clean backing music. At Temptonik you will never find those cheesy MIDI sounds that make your ears bleed. Your singing is backed by the sounds of grand piano, exactly as when rehearsing with an accompanist.

Temptonik redefines accompaniments. Pieces of sheet music that happen to go around the internet are mostly composed of broken chords and the melody. This is certainly NOT what we are offering here.

Finally, Temptonik is built upon great repertoire. Although there is no accounting for tastes, we believe that we are not the only ones fed up with contemporary pop music.

Being the musicians ourselves, we designed Temptonik to match our own needs. Join us to discover the new quality in the world of music!

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